Important Health Tips For Summer

Important Health Tips For Summer

Like every year, summer has arrived. Every year temperature is rising.
Thus, Global warming is increasing every year which affect our health.
Here some Health Tips to keep you Healthy.
By following these tips you can enjoy your summer.

1.Healthy and light meal

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Generally, in summer, the heat affects your work and eating habits as well.
Due to increment in temperature, our body gets dehydrated and we feel tired too.
So, we have summer diet tips to keep your body cool and energetic.


Curd is cooling soothing, nutritious and light food. Approximately 3/4 cup of curd provides 20 percent of your daily vitamin D portion and 20 percent of daily calcium value.

#Coconut Water

It has a bunch of health benefits. It is the tender coconut which contains 94 percent water and also contains nutrients such as vitamin A, C as well as minerals including potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, and manganese. Thus coconut water keeps your body well hydrated and nourished.

#Watermelons and Melons

These fruits contain a good amount of water. These fruits are very helpful to keep your body from dehydration. But stay away from these fruits, those are Pre-cut and sold on the road.


It helps in detoxifying the body and keep the body from dehydration. Because it contains 95 percent water and contains minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and fiber. It also keeps your skin healthy.

#Lime Water

Lemon water is rich in vitamin c which is very good for the skin. It helps your body to hydrate and reduces salt and glucose level of your body.

Check out some more health tips about food in summer

2. Keep Your Body Hydrate

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The simple method to keep your body hydrated in summer is to drink water properly. Water has no calorie. It hydrates your skin and muscles. You should drink 7 to 8 glasses per day. Some of the other sources which keep your body hydrate such as milk sugary fruit, juices, and smoothies, sugary drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks, etc.

The requirement of water to the body depends upon person to person. Because children body requires plenty of water, infants get their fluids from breast and older adults require little amount fluid due to a weaker sense of thirst.

3. Take Healthy Sleep

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According to the research published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology, hot weather can affect your slow waves and Rem cycles. It means your sleep is suffering whether you wake up or not.

Here some tips for healthy sleep

#Take hot water bath

You should take a hot shower before bed is very helpful to full asleep on a hot summer night. But if a person is suffering from dry skin problem should avoid this.

#Practice Pranayama

Yoga plays a major role in life. It helps your body to improve posture and breathing techniques. Pranayama (a well-known yoga technique ) is very helpful in summer . By practising it day by day, you can keep your body cool which leads to healthy sleep.

#Eat light Food

National sleep foundation recommends avoiding fatty or spicy food before sleep well. you should eat light food such as strawberries etc

4. Eye Protection

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Summer activities cause many problems for your vision. Due to the exposure to UV radiation, there is a high risk of developing certain conditions such as cataract and cancerous growth.

Here some tips to protect your eyes in summer

#Wear Sunglasses

UV rays are much stronger in summer .It may damage your eye.You should wear glass of UV 400 or 100 percent UV protection.

#Wear a Hat when you are outside

Yes! that’s true.Dr. Bacius says “clouds do not block all spectrum of UV light hat protect your scalp and face from sun damage.

5. Skin Care

Temperature increases during the summer month. It makes your oily skin oilier and dry. These sun rays cause tanning occurs due to increment in melanin pigments. It also arises the problem of aging and cancer. This heat cause more pores in the skin to open in which bacteria trap and causing acne problem, pimple on face.

Here some remedies to get skin healthy

  1. Add antioxidant in your facial skin.
  2. keep your skin hydrated.
  3. Use sunscreen.
  4. Drink plenty of water.
  5. Take good care of the eye region


The temperature rises every year in summer in compare to last summer. Many problems arise in summer for which these tips are written above.”But the question is are we all not responsible for this?”

just share your views in comment.

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