Ladakh: The Part Of Heaven (By Universalhub)

Ladakh: The Part Of Heaven (By Universalhub)

Ladakh is the most famous landscape of adventurous players.
It is a landscape given by God. Ladakh is a place who’ve filled with beauty and nature. It is encompassed by mountains, beautiful valleys, trees and much more. Ladakh is an area of Magical Buddhism who’ve mental and strong power.
The message who’ll be a symbol of affection.
It’s a former Royal Palace of Ladakh. From the valleys of Himalayas, the palace is unbelievable.

ladakh old palace

In 16 century, the family lived here. This palace has 9 tales and each flooring possessed by the plan that is distinct. The reason for this is that this area is cold and each flooring has value and their temperature scenario. It is a village of Kashmir and Ladakh Jammu. Here Condominiums are the beautiful individual you fulfill. Antique houses are the attraction of the place. Where their self makes the homes. As a Traveller, if you’re traveling towards Ladakh. This place will provide you the hospitality in Kashmir and Jammu.You may receive the hospitality that is best and the facilities here! – The traveler you visit and may get the mountains of Ladakh.

The village’s view is immeasurable, along with you would amaze to see the area. Sengge La Ladakh – Shangri-La is your surrounded by the mountains.
It’s a place where the majority of the trackers are coming here.

zanskar in ladakh

Zanskar reason is the attraction of the place. Zanskar is the highest peak point of the place. But once you are right with your mental stress then you’ll be the key player in this area. You can’t purchase the experience of the place.
If you’re here, you can forget each along with everything on your life, but undoubtedly, you’ll remember this place ever.

Ladakh Best Place

It called High Passes Land is an Area of India in the state of Kashmir and Jammu. It lies to the south between the Karakoram mountain selection in the north and the Himalayas. The part of Ladakh includes of Kargil and Leh districts.
Leh, Ladakh’s capital is the biggest district of India.
Leh Ladakh is a travel destination to explore where hills dot the heat of the Ladakhi people as well as the landscape delights you. Ladakh’s hilly landscape is called a moonscape for its beauty. Leh Ladakh in Trans Himalayan Area of India is a storehouse of experience sport and is the world’s selection. The adventure sports include a jeep safari, trekking, biking, and river rafting.


Basgo in Ladakh


leh ladakh


shey in ladakh


Tingmosgang in ladakh

The landscape of Ladakh has places of attraction. The region of Ladakh is with a lot of villages and monasteries.
The people worship the sky mountains as the Gods houses. Ladakh is home to several animals and birds and is also full of wildlife.
The civilization of Ladakh exhibits strong resemblance with their Tibetan civilization and for that reason, Ladakh is sometimes called Little Tibet.
Leh is also a beautiful destination as well as one of Central Asia’s most scenic as well as atmospheric cities.

It’s the center of Tibetan Buddhism culture for ages. It’s among the few remaining dwellings of Buddhism in South Asia.
The need to visit places in their landscape of Leh are their Buddhists Gompas or monasteries that provide their focus for their faith of their extremely religious Buddhism people. Leh Palace, former home of their royal family of Ladakh, is a distinct monument and a historic building. Though at a ruined state, it offers a grand view of their Leh Town. The colorful annual festivals with masquerade balls as well as prayer ceremonies add more fun as well as joy.

The monitoring business is going every day, and the camping out and the halting system is growing. The peak point of mountain Will provide you the distinctive power. It’s among the coldest places on the earth. To sustain here, you’ll be adamant on your mental life. To live here, it isn’t easy.
But yes that the experience will be good. At the winter months season, majority of the trackers will stop tracing this place.
But if, you’re a traveler with a firm believer in yourself.

Leh Ladakh is a perfect place to witness their unparalleled beauty of their nature. Ladakh – The Roof of their World awaits you.

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